Thursday | 23rd January 2020


Dún Laoghaire is a picturesque coastal town approximately twelve kilometres south of Ireland’s capital, Dublin. It is situated on the Emerald Isle’s east coast. With a beautiful harbour, Dún Laoghaire is a popular place to visit – be it for the rich mix of cultural experiences, the great shopping and hospitality, the relaxed leisure activities or the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

The town’s name originated from 480A.D. when the famous King Laoire established a fort, then known as a “Dún” in the town centre. In 1803 this fort was replaced by a Martello tower and that tower was subsequently demolished when the railway was built – the very same line that now carries commuters on the Dart in and out of town.

The harbour is a hugely popular part of the town and it was established in 1817 so that larger ships could harbour safely however when silt washed in while the mouth of the harbour was widened, it became impossible for larger boats to anchor there. Nevertheless it has been a hub of marine activity over the years with many sailing clubs making the most of this fantastic facility. In recent years Dun Laoghaire has become a popular destination for Cruise ships, with many adding Dublin as new location on its schedule and Dun Laoghaire offers the warmest of welcomes to tourists.

The town has a rich cultural heritage and this is evident today in the wide range of events run throughout the year. It is also a business hub with a renewal project underway through the Business Improvement District initiative.