Sunday | 16th February 2020

Welcome to Dun Laoghaire: The Wine Library

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 Welcome to Dun Laoghaire:

The Wine Library

98 George’s Street Lower

The Wine Library is Dun Laogahire’s newest artisan shop; with wines imported from France to South Africa and every where in between. You can also pick from a selection of wine friendly compliments, ranging from pasta to chocolates. Midway down Upper Georges St, you will find this white walled, airy shop with bottles neatly stacked on raw wood shelves.


The owner of the shop, Dermot Nolan, has over 2o years of expertise in the wine industry. Nolan got his start in the wine business when he read a book entitled, Pocket Guide to Winetasting, and you can now find it in his shop today. The book was originally intended as a gift but before giving it away Nolan read it and became fascinated with wines.

He then went on to take a wine appreciation course which lead him to receive his Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)  Diploma.  Upon receiving his diploma and becoming a Master of Wine, Nolan started his own wine consulting company. For most of his career, Nolan has been a full-time consultant and wine educator. He has judged wine competitions across the globe; everywhere from Singapore to the United States. Nolan, he says he tastes over 1,000 wines per year.

When asked what his favourite wine is he answered, “my favourite wine is a good wine”.

Apart from selling wine, Nolan wants to host education courses to help people understand what makes a good wine good. As the name alludes, Nolan wants his shop to be a library of resources and information about wine. This is apparent from the books lining the shelves; all packed with information about wine from near and far.


The wines in the shop range from 11.50 to 150.  They can be bought in quantities of 1, 6 or 12 bottles. Nolan picks all of the wines in his shop himself and he feels confident in personally recommending all of them as he has experience with each and everyone.


Come in for a quick look and stay to learn about the amazing wines lining the shelves in The Wine Line Library.


Address: 98 George’s Street Lower