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An Irish restaurant without chips? One chef’s culinary rebellion.

15. 03. 2016

The Maritime Museum in Dún Laoghaire is featured in the Boston Globe.

DUN LAOGHAIRE, Ireland — This year marks the centenary of the Easter Rising, when Irish revolutionaries struck a blow for Ireland’s freedom.

In a small cafe, less than 10 miles south of where the rebels took over the General Post Office in Dublin, a chef named Jessica Cusack is engaged in a culinary form of subversion. She is trying to convince Irish people that good food can taste good, that the healthiest of substance is substantially better than much of what they eat.

To that end, in this land of meat and potatoes, there are no meat and potatoes anywhere on the menu at the Maritime Cafe, located in the National Maritime Museum of Ireland. No chips. No spuds. No nothing.

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