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Bulloch Harbour plan gets go ahead

15. 07. 2019

The risk of flooding and storm damage to a proposed development at Bulloch Harbour has been raised after a decision last week by An Bord Pleanála to give the green light for its go ahead.

Bartra proposed development f for Bullock Harbour

Bartra proposed development for Bullock Harbour

There was some local shock and consternation after the board gave Bartra Property permission to build a number of housing units at the popular Southside amenity.

Some locals are opposed to the plan that would consist of three three-storey houses, two apartments and a cafe as well as a number of other buildings being built near the harbour.

On their website, the Bulloch Harbour Preservation Association (BHPA), stated: “Here’s the bad news re the proposed Bartra development for Bullock Harbour.

“A letter from An Bord Pleanala with the decision to grant permission for the above proposed development is long and not easily captured in a few words or in an image but note…ABP’s own inspector recommended against the development and the board chose to overrule them. There’s a lot to say but we’ll leave it here for now.”

Local People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said the decision was “incomprehensible”.

“Bulloch Harbour is a unique public amenity used by people of all ages. It is an important part of the heritage of south County Dublin, ” he said.

Speaking to Southside People last week, Frank Dillon, a member of the BHPA, raised the point that storm damage to the harbour during Storm Emma had posed questions regarding the suitability of the site for development.

In March of last year, the storm battered the harbour as waters threatened the top of the quay.

“There were three-ton blocks of stone tossed around like pieces of Lego,” Mr Dillion said.

“There was considerable damage done to the harbour itself with repairs still ongoing. This also raises the possibility of this development becoming a white elephants, sitting there unoccupied, as a result.”

On their website, Bartra said it noted the decision of An Bord Pleanala to grant planning permission for the proposed development.

Mike Flannery, CEO adds: “The decision marks a positive day for Bulloch Harbour and Bartra looks forward to enhancing the environs of Bulloch Harbour on the back of this decision.”

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