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Dhruba Drew Banerjee, EGG VFX – Dún Laoghaire Has Great Art Talent, Good Deals for Rented Office Space and Everything Is Here!

04. 04. 2023

Dhruba Banerjee MD, EGG VFX

Dhruba Banerjee MD, EGG VFX

As part of April’s ‘Why Choose Dun Laoghaire’ SHOWCASE we were delighted to interview Dhruba about EGG VFX’s move to our town.

Running a successful business is no easy feat, especially when it comes to the Visual Effects (VFX) industry. However, EGG VFX in Dun Laoghaire is a unique company in our region that is making great strides in the film and television industry. Founded in 2011, EGG VFX specialize in 2D effects for TV and film, creating backgrounds, muzzle flashes, wounds and more. They work mostly with producers from the big film houses or the streamers and they were nominated for BAFTA awards last year and they received an IF nomination this year. They also pride themselves on providing high-quality VFX services for TV shows and films, and they are constantly adapting and improving to meet the demands of the industry.  Overall, EGG VFX offers a unique approach to creating visual effects for TV and film and we had the pleasure of talking to their managing director Dhruba Drew Banerjee to learn more.

Drew told us that one of the reasons why they are a successful VFX company is the unique advantage of being in the same time zone as London, and being English-speaking team and within Europe. Ultimately, what sets EGG VFX apart is their focus on people and their growth and this is reflected in their strong relationship with the National Film School. EGG VFX hires a lot of graduates from the school, giving them a great opportunity to start their career in the VFX industry. This is something that sets Drew’s company apart from the bigger VFX companies around the world, as they can‘t always offer the same level of opportunity. At the same time, EGG VFX are not trying to build a factory in Dun Laoghaire. They want to provide a learning environment where their artists can become better and achieve their dreams. Additionally, their location in Dun Laoghaire provides a great work-life balance for their team, with easy access to amenities, the pier and sea.

Why EGG VFX chose Dun Laoghaire Town

When it comes to Dun Laoghaire, Drew is proud to be a part of the local community and to provide opportunities for the next generation of VFX professionals. Drew’s team love the town for its authenticity and convenience. While it may not be the most polished town in parts, Dun Laoghaire has everything they need within reach. EGG VFX team members living locally rarely need to venture out to other areas for shopping or amenities, as everything is available in Dun Laoghaire. And for those who want to take a break from work and enjoy nature, the town’s proximity to the sea allows for a quick and refreshing getaway stroll.

Furthermore, Dun Laoghaire’s transportation routes make it easy for the team to travel to other areas, including Dublin city center, for work or leisure. But what really sets Dun Laoghaire apart is its friendly and authentic vibe. When walking around town Drew’s team members have gotten to know the locals and feel a sense of community.

Drew is grateful to be located in Dun Laoghaire, a town that offers the perfect balance of convenience and nature, and a genuine sense of community. And as a company, EGG CFX strives to contribute positively to the town and its people while providing exceptional VFX services to their clients. And this industry is only going to keep growing due to the Irish Common TV Tax Credit. This tax credit, which is 32%, is a big draw for global producers who want to work with Irish VFX companies.