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LORIENT – Winner of Christmas Window Competition

15. 12. 2014


All windows were judged on 4 categories:

1)      CREATIVITY: Style, concept, design, artistry.

2)      ENGAGEMENT: Would the display encourage me to enter the store and be a return customer – does it represent the store at this time of year.

3)      EXPERIENCE: Is there a Christmas memory here? Something people would visit again, share and discuss with others?

4)      IMPACT/ VISUAL APPEAL: Over all impact and appeal in comparison to neighbouring stores

In total 42 windows were adjudicated.

 Winner: Lorient

Lorient is the winner of this years Dún Laoghaire Christmas window competition.DSCN0792

The judges were struck by the charm of this window display which exhibits a high level of consideration thought and preparation. The centre piece of the display is a mannequin draped with a red scarf in a rich fabric contrasting simple sackcloth. This immediately succeeds in creating a Christmas feel and easily engages the observer. Around this are tastefully assembled items of giftware including candles frames and teddies. These are carefully interwoven with handmade decorations including snow made from cotton buds. In addition and most appealing were sheets with red numbers that count down the number of remaining days to Christmas. A small sign also thanked customers for shopping local and the judges liked this active engagement with customers.

The display has the feel of a picture card and creates a memorable display within a small shop window. It also compliments a very pretty shop front and generally enhances the streetscape. If all shops reached his standard Dun Laoghaire would truly become a winter wonderland. Lorient is a wonderful and worthy winner.

Runners up

Floral Scents, Dún Laoghaire Shopping Centre

Their two window displays were distinct and well thought out. The main window of ‘A winter scene’ captures the romantic essence of this time of year – the vision of snow, snowmen, reindeer and penguins in a winter wonderland. Down to the detail, the atmosphere was created – pine cones sit atop snow covered wood logs, a family of penguins huddle together in their small scarves as bespoke snowflakes shower down, small red berries and red breasted Robins perched on the small branches looking over the reindeer provide an accent in the front window which ties in beautifully with the Red interior back walls – straight away you feel the cool of winter, the excitement of things to come and the warmth and family time of Christmas. Balance, layout, and design were well considered and professionally implemented.

Floral Scents 2Floral Scents 1

Floral scents, not content with such a detailed winter wonderland first window, provided a second window – a glimpse into Santa’s miniature living room. Again detail throughout from the cinnamon in the mini sleigh, the socks hung on the mantle above the cleverly thoughtout fireplace – the LED lights creating the sense of warmth of a fire place. The Christmas tree beautifully decorated, the presents wrapped. Along with the V-tapered red backdrop, giving you a glimpse into the store with a beautiful arrangement of flowers behind. While Santa with his candy cane takes note of a little girls hopes for Christmas in his magic book.

Both these windows showed great creativity, presentation, created engagement, were well thought out and created a memory to behold. It will be interesting to see how Floral Scents could top this next year.

Home Focus at Hickeys, Lower Georges Street

Home Focus at Hickeys

Their two display windows were beautifully assembled to create by the artful use of fabric, a seasonal image of comfort luxury and style so very appropriate to a home ware store. The judges immediately noted the use of richly textured fabric in reds and gold to suggest a view through draped curtains into a living room. This idea was complimented by the clever use of furniture, chandeliers and decorations to complete the ‘look’. The strength of the colours used in this display creates a strong visual impact and the judges complimented the use of mood lighting which is particularly effective in creating sparkle during the dark winter days and at dusk. The overall effect is a display that conveys a sense of warmth and well being along the street and contributes wonderfully to the overall area.