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Love Mother’s Day? Make Her Day Special With Gifts From Dún Laoghaire Shops

09. 03. 2021

Buy Local & Support Local Businesses

Rudyard Kipling once said, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” We owe so much to our moms. For the life and strength, they gave us. Selfless care, and belief in us even when we doubted ourselves. Especially these days when parents are juggling between so many roles from homeschooling, remote working, to amateur hairdressing, we salute you all, but especially moms of Dun Laoghaire for being rocks for their children. No one could do it without you, and we want to recognise you this Mother’s Day.

Of course we believe that moms should be pampered every day not just once a year, but we are coming to your aid in finding a special gift in Dun Laoghaire that would make any mother feel special. From a tasty ice-cream and flowers to some unique gift ideas, we have some truly great suggestions for you. Let’s meet our local business owners and see what’s special for this Mother’s Day.

Imperial Gift Shop

Imperial Gift Shop is a long-established family business in Dun Laoghaire, founded by Pat and Kevin McQuaid that specialises in personalised gifts for all ages from babies to adults. Their daughter Gill was kind enough to chat with us about their business and its place in the Dun Laoghaire community.

Pat and Kevin brought monogramming to their business fifteen years ago when they bought a monograph machine and started embroidering names to blankets, dressing gowns, comforters. In the beginning, embroidering was only for gifts for babies, but it soon expanded and was suitable for everyone, adults included. They introduced Irish gifts as well – rag dolls and dogs. Pat and Kevin are passionate about customer care, as the nature of their products is very personal. Whether it is childbirth, birthday, Mother’s day, or Christmas gift, people are embroidering their names on their garments. They strive to be efficient while keeping the quality of embroidery to the top standard. They are making sure that the name is correctly embroidered, but also that the colors complement the garment.

They are fortunate enough that the business is still going strong, despite the pandemic. They realised online was the way to go and Gill helped her parents transition to online sales. Gill is working on posting and accepting offers over the Facebook page and her parents are completing them in the shop and posting to their happy customers. To us they sound like a well-coordinated family team.

Gill couldn’t speak highly enough of the Dun Laoghaire community and local support for their family business. Generations of people come to their shop time and time again to order products for their special occasions. People are always coming with new inquiries, so Imperial Gift Shop always does its best to keep up with demand. Pat spends a significant amount of time searching for new creative ideas for embroidery that they can offer to customers. For example, leather wash bags and ladies’ dressing gowns became very popular recently.

When they were open they offered gift wrapping service as well. Now they offer the possibility of shipping the order together with the gift paper. They also send gifts on behalf of people. With people not being able to see each other and families separated, Imperial Gift Shop takes an order, does the embroidery, gift-wraps it, and writes a card on behalf of a person. It’s very personal and it means a lot to the families.

They are shipping their products not only within Ireland, but also internationally to UK, United States, and other countries.

imperial gift shop

Pat & Kevin McQuaid, owners at Imperial Gift Shop

Something special for Mother’s Day from Imperial Gift Shop

For Mother’s Day Gill suggests gorgeous bath sheets, bath towels, and face cloths. They have them in a range of colors. They also have a beautiful box towel set with a bath sheet, a hands towel, a guest towel, and a face cloth. It costs €39.99 and the cost includes a name embroidered on all items in the set. The set comes with an embroidered design already, so it is possible to add a name in colors that would complement the existing design.

Another thing that’s very popular is cushion covers. Including embroidery, Imperial Gift Shop offers it for €12.99.

Lovely wash bags that cost €9.99, handkerchiefs, or box lady hankies are affordable and beautiful little gifts for your nanna or ladies in your family.

How to Buy From Imperial Gift Shop

You can order your Mother’s day gifts from Imperial Gift Shop over their Facebook page. Just send a message to them and Gill will be back to you with the details, going through images and options with you. They accept payments over PayPal. You can also call them or send a WhatsApp message at 087 340 0840.

imperial gift shop facebook post

Here’s where you can find Imperial Gift Shop:

Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre, Marine Rd, Dún Laoghaire


Google Reviews The Imperial Gift Shop

Google Reviews Imperial Gift Shop

Burnett’s Pharmacy

Located in the heart of Dún Laoghaire’s on George’s Street, Burnett’s Pharmacy is serving the Dún Laoghaire community since 1890. It was founded by Mr. Burnett and it is the oldest pharmacy in Dún Laoghaire and one of the oldest in Ireland. Tradition and rich history are something our town is proud of and Burnett’s Pharmacy is definitely one of the pillars of our community. After Mr. Burnett, the pharmacy was led by Ms. Marquess. She trained Mr. Pat Downey who has only recently retired and Mrs. Genevieve Frayne is the head of the pharmacy now. We had the pleasure to talk to her and find out more about the pharmacy.

Burnett’s Pharmacy takes community pharmacy to heart. Not only do they provide excellent customer service, but they want to get to know their customers very well. Burnett’s Pharmacy team know their customer by their names and people are not just a number or a prescription. People are genuinely welcome to their pharmacy where they could share their stories and news. As Genevieve said, it is a great privilege to look after people’s health and having such relationships with people.

With the pandemic going on, Genevieve feels that is important more than ever to support Irish brands. That’s an important reason why people come more to their pharmacy versus some other chain pharmacies.

Mary Connolly, Pharmacist at Burnett's Pharmacy

Genevieve Frayne M.P.S.I, Pharmacist at Burnett’s Pharmacy

Something special for Mother’s Day from Burnett’s Pharmacy

Burnett’s Pharmacy is unique and as such, it tries to support Irish brands as much as it can. So people can find products from the brands like Seavite, Green Angel, Handmade Soaps Company, all beautiful natural range of products from Irish brands. Now that people are more aware of shopping locally and buying Irish, these products sell very well in Burnett’s Pharmacy.

For example, the Green Angel brand offers reusable containers, so it is not only a lovely gift but environmentally friendly and people are becoming more aware of its importance.

How to Buy From Burnett’s Pharmacy

Our community can buy from Burnett’s Pharmacy directly in the store. We can also order our medicines by calling at (01) 280 1124. The pharmacy offers a delivery service. At the moment it is not possible to shop online from the pharmacy, but Genevieve is aware that younger customers expect to be able to order medicines this way so she and her team are working on establishing eCommerce for their pharmacy soon.


burnett pharmacy facebook post

Here’s where you can find Burnett’s Pharmacy:

42 George’s Street Lower, Dún Laoghaire

(01) 280 1124


Google Reviews Burnett's Pharmacy

Google Reviews Burnett’s Pharmacy


Teddy’s Ice-cream

We believe there’s not a single person in Dun Laoghaire who doesn’t know of Teddy’s Ice-cream. They are our beloved local ice-cream shop since 1950 and generations of people were and still are indulging in their incredible ice-cream. We had the pleasure to speak to owner Yasmin Khan, who was kind enough to tell us more about their business.

Teddy’s Ice-cream was founded by Edward (Teddy) Jacob who ran the business until the 1980s. Yasmin’s parents took over the business while keeping the original recipe for soft vanilla ice-cream with a flake in it and guaranteed the quality of the ice-cream. Yasmin herself was helping for many years, although jokingly, she didn’t want to reveal the exact number afraid that would make her very old. Yasmin proudly mentioned a name of a lady who was working with them for decades – Rita Shannon – who sadly passed away recently. In some way, it represented the end of one generation.

Starting in the 2000s, Teddy’s Ice-cream grew as a business and they have shops in two locations. In the last ten years, they also do corporate events where they bring Teddy’s to businesses or serve ice-cream in vans.

Yasmin loves what she does, and she couldn’t even imagine herself working in an office. Especially now during COVID-19 times, Yasmin appreciates the fact that they were able to stay open. She is aware that everyone, including parents and children, need to be able to go out to preserve their mental health. With jobs scarce and incomes affected, people find pleasure in the fact that they can treat a family of four or five with affordable ice-cream. By the end of the day, it’s the small things that make us happy and we all deserve to treat ourselves.

Teddy’s ice-cream now offers bubble-waffles, Ferrero Rocher, and Kinder Bueno ice-creams which are more expensive but still affordable ice-cream choices.

Yasmin Teddy's

Yasmin Khan, Owner at Teddy’s Ice-cream

Something special for Mother’s Day from Teddy’s Ice-cream

In the shop on Marine Road, Teddy’s Ice-cream will have a special surprise for Mother’s Day. It’s a secret what it will exactly be, but rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.

Also, If you look at their delivery menu on Mother’s Day a surprise will pop-up and they’ll have a give-away for the first couple of people who order ice-cream from Teddy’s on Mother’s Day.

As Yasmin mentioned, they like to keep their customers guessing and something very special will be in store to treat Dun Laoghaire moms and whole families.

How to Buy From Teddy’s Ice-cream

Teddy’s Ice-cream could be bought in their shops in-person. People can call to get vouchers. Delivery is also available over JustEat application, but just within 5km around the shop.

For more offers from Teddy’s (weddings, communions, corporate events) you can visit their website and get in touch with their team.

teddy's facebook post

Here’s where you can find Teddy’s Ice-cream:

4 Marine Rd, Dún Laoghaire


Google Reviews Teddy's Ice-cream

Google Reviews Teddy’s Ice-cream

Flower Lane

Show appreciation and love to your mom by buying her some lovely flowers from Flower Lane. We had a lovely chat with Danuta Dodiene about her business and we are delighted to share her story. Flower Lane is about unconventional flower choices. Danuta likes to experiment with new and exciting combinations. One of her signatures is field flowers. They are frequently overlooked by the florists but she believes that field flowers add extra uniqueness to any arrangement.

Flower Lane was opened in Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre in March 2018. However, Danuta started Flower Lane already as an experienced florist with more than 15 years of experience in creating high-quality, beautiful bouquets, arrangements, and decorations for any occasion. What motivates her in her work is the opportunity to apply creativity when designing individual arrangements for each client. When you want to say “I love you”, “Congratulations on your new job” or “Happy Mother’s Day” Danuta’s goal is to create an arrangement that will clearly show how much you care.

When picking flowers for your mom Danuta recommends focusing on your mom’s favorite flowers. Remembering the flower scent that makes her happy will always be the most special choice from the collection.

Danuta Flower Lane

Danuta Dodiene, Owner at Flower Lane

Something special for Mother’s Day from Flower Lane

For Mother’s Day Danuta recommends her full Mother’s day collection in her online catalog at Flowers in a combination with balloons, chocolates, or lily free. Packaged in a fine paper, box, or vase. The choice is yours.

How to Buy From Flower Lane

You can order flowers from Flower Lane online, over their website. They provide contactless delivery and delivery photo proof is available on demand. You can also call at 085 275 8827 or email at [email protected]. Danuta is very responsive.

You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram, where you can send inquiries as well as follow her for daily updates. Why wouldn’t you surprise your mom with a stunning flower arrangement?

flower lane

Here’s where you can find Flower Lane:

Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre, 212 George’s Street Upper, Dún Laoghaire

085 275 8827


Google Reviews Flower Lane

Google Reviews Flower Lane

The Knitting Class

Does your mom want to learn how to knit in a socially distanced manner? She sure can do it with local business owner Pauline Gallagher. Up until the pandemic, Pauline had her in-person knitting classes, but like every other business owner she was forced to find creative ways to continue doing what she loves, and that’s how Zoom knitting classes were born. Actually, at the beginning of the pandemic, Pauline and her clients were gathering on Zoom just to socialise and be together. Soon they realised that things wouldn’t be better any time soon, so Pauline started teaching knitting classes the only way she could – online.

Pauline runs live knitting class workshops and there’s also something Pauline calls “clinic”. It is a one-to-one, private class over Zoom. It could revolve around a knitting problem a client has, about a knitting pattern or a new technique. At the moment Pauline has classes on Tuesdays. She also has an offering for Thursday morning for beginners. She also helping Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown library with their zoom classes.

What makes Pauline’s classes different is that they are always live and the groups are small, up to eight people per class. This allows her to have individual interactions if necessary. If someone needs extra tuition during the class she is able to do one-to-one interaction. She doesn’t specialize in one type of project. Her clients are more than welcome to come in with a project of their choice, different ideas, and level of expertise. Pauline found that that approach inspires people to learn different patterns and techniques from someone else which makes classes more interactive and sociable.

Pauline is preparing something new in her offer. She has a little sewing business where she creates pieces from heritage textiles such as Donegal tweed, Liberty print cotton, and Irish linen. She is also reusing and upcycling fabrics such as wool, cashmere, silk, and leather to make accessories and garments. Pauline’s sewing products are available for sale on Etsy. The name of the business will be Winnie Rose and there’s an interesting story behind it. The name comes from Pauline’s family as she had an aunt who was very good at sewing so Pauline called her new little business after her. All Winnie Rose pieces are individually made by hand in Paulina’s studio in Dublin. In many cases, pieces are fully hand-sewn and all are hand finished Sustainability at every stage of production means that even offcuts and threads find use in the production of small accessories and in embellishing finished pieces.

Pauline Gallagher

Pauline Gallagher, owner at The Knitting Class

Something special for Mother’s Day from The Knitting Class

If you know moms who knit or who’d love to learn it, tell them about Paulina’s classes. Moms and their friends are more than welcome to join “Friends Knit-together”. The session lasts two hours, for a group of up to 8 people. It is a great value session that brings knitting buddies together to enjoy their craft.

Or book a 1-to-1 knitting clinic session with Pauline to do whatever a mom would like to do. For moms who are into knitting already Professional finishing, workshops could be interesting.

The prices range from €30 for a 1-hour ‘clinic’ to €120 for a six-week series of classes as part of a small group to allow for individual attention.

Pauline also recommends Winnie Rose products. The first collection is inspired by colours of the Irish landscape and the sea found in genuine Donegal tweeds. She has created a small collection of wraps, scarves, and ponchos to showcase the beauty of these tweeds. Many are handmade on looms that are more than 100 years old.

How to Buy From The Knitting Class

You can find Paulina’s The Knitting Class on her website, on Facebook The Knitting Class Facebook Page, Instagram, and The Knitting Class YouTube Channel. All Classes, Workshops, and 1-to-1 Clinics can be Booked Here. Paulina is also happy to take email inquiries at [email protected]

Winnie Rose pieces are available on Winnie Rose Etsy Shop.

the knitting class facebook

Here’s where The Knitting Class is located:

Dún Laoghaire

(087) 454-0289



A special antique could be the perfect gift for Mother’s day so we had a lovely chat with Dee Fahy, owner of Vintiques shop. She got a chance to sell her products two and a half years ago in Dun Laoghaire Shopping center in a pop-up shop. She enjoyed finding pieces for her customers and the business was going so well that she decided to keep going and open a permanent shop in George’s Street Upper. She sells a mixture of vintage furniture, art décor, art glass, paintings, mirrors, lamps which are particularly popular. Asian pieces, as well as sculptures, are popular as well. Dee listens carefully to what her customers are asking her to find and what the market wants and she strives to supply these items in her shop.

A mixture of vintage and contemporary furniture is in style at the moment. In modern apartments, people like to have pieces of vintage furniture. Dee does not necessarily taking over decorating a whole home, rather she likes to introduce antique pieces which could enhance the space. Customers and interior designers ask her to source pieces for them as well as movie companies, Dee’s products could be seen in popular movies and series!

Dee is doing something very special during the COVID-19 times. She is showcasing her products in the shop window, but each week she is changing the display so not only do people see what’s available in the shop, but also enjoy a different view almost every time they are passing by. What makes her shop unique is a wide range of available items. She thrives in one-on-one interactions either when she is working with interior designers or customers to get them a piece they want. And in general, Dee loves Dun Laoghaire and considers our town a wonderful place. The architecture is fantastic and support for local businesses from the council greatly appreciated. Response from our community during these difficult times has been fantastic and encouraging she says.

Dee, Owner at Vintiques

Dee Fahy, Owner at Vintiques

Something special for Mother’s Day from Vintiques

For Mother’s day, Dee recommends art glass pieces, jewellery, vintage bags, vintage mirrors, and artwork in general. You can stop by Vintiques shop or check out pieces over an Instagram page and reach out to Dee for more details.

How to Buy From Vintiques

People can contact Dee over her Instagram page, email [email protected] or call at 086 828 8040. She offers delivery service, but also people can come to collect their pieces in the shop. Sometimes people can come to the shop by appointment to look at a product especially if it is a bigger piece of furniture or art, but these appointments are not for browsing through the shop. Alternatively, Dee moves a piece to the window area so that customers can see it in a socially distanced manner. Dee hopes to create her website until summer so that online shopping is possible as well.

vintiques facebook post

Here’s where you can find Vintiques:

46-44 George’s Street Upper, Dún Laoghaire

086 828 8040


Ready to Buy a Special Gift For Your Mom?

Can we get one present from each business, please? We’d really have a hard time to choose and we know moms wouldn’t mind being extra spoiled. We hope we helped you being creative in getting a beautiful present for someone in your life who is an amazing mom. Let’s celebrate all moms the way they deserve. To all beautiful moms of Dun Laoghaire – we love you to pieces!

Thank you for supporting our Dun Laoghaire business community!

Please note that all participants in the above photos kindly met at their business location by appointment in a socially distanced manner and temporarily removed their face masks to pose for the photos for this feature.

For a list of all the retail outlets in our town please see our Dún Laoghaire Town business directory.

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