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Love Body + Mind – Get in Top Form and Pamper Yourself in Dún Laoghaire

14. 07. 2021

Buy Local & Support Local Businesses

Now that lockdown is over find out where you can do right for both your body and mind in Dún Laoghaire! Why not enjoy the feeling again of someone else looking after you or the sense of achievement of putting your body through its paces at the gym!

Having someone pampering us after long days of working from home sounds like bliss. Or working out in a group instead of walking or running alone, would be more fun and more motivating if we are honest.

This month in our Love Dun Laoghaire campaign we are showcasing businesses that are doing a great job in helping us care for our bodies and our minds. We are sure you have a whole new level of appreciation for your hairstylist, beautician, or gym coach so let’s celebrate them.

We are presenting some well-known and beloved Dun Laoghaire businesses who are helping us look and feel great. Let’s see what advice they have for us and our self-care.

énergie Fitness Dun Laoghaire

Enjoy fitness or ready to do something about it? Now that we can all get out and about again why not join the gym!

Dun Laoghaire has the place for you. Meet Michael and Sarah Chubb the owners of énergie Fitness Dun Laoghaire. Michael and Sarah opened the gym in our town three years ago. We love the fact that this is a family-owned business. Sarah and Michael were always involved in high-level sport. As Michael likes to say, sport runs in their family and it has always been something they wanted to bring to other people. Sarah also has a background in gym management so they wanted to start something that’s their own. Opening a gym in Dun Laoghaire seemed like a good choice.

Sarah and Michael made it their mission to make workingout more accessible and a part of our everyday lives. They’d like to motivate people to be more proactive with their health. Fitness goals are great and very important, however, it’s more important to integrate fitness into our weekly routine.

énergie Fitness team prides itself in creating a welcoming atmosphere in their gym. They have a very nice group of people who work in the gym, but also their members are what makes this gym so special. Michael believes it’s a very enjoyable place to be in every day. It’s a gym for everyone, quite inclusive, as their members come from all walks of life.

energie fitness dun laoghaire

Michael Chubb owner at énergie Fitness Dun Laoghaire

énergie Fitness Dun Laoghaire advice for self care

Feeling guilty because you didn’t workout very much during the lockdown? No worries. Michael advises to make fitness and working out a part of our routine. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just try to turn up 3 times a week in your gym, or get your 10K steps every day. Go to your gym coach to point you in the right direction with your workout plans.

Another thing that’s important is to be mindful of where you spend your time when you are not working. Now that we are working from our homes, this advice seems more important than ever. If we can go to some other place to do our workout and have some fun and chat with other people, that would be beneficial for our whole well-being. It also gives us a mental break from the daily grind.

How to join énergie Fitness Dun Laoghaire

You can join énergie Fitness Dun Laoghaire by visiting their website and choosing one of the membership plans. You can also call at 01 539 0770 for any advice or support. They social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

énergie Fitness Dun Laoghaire offers individual and group trainings including Pilates, spin classes, HIIT, Burn, and more. Check them out.

energie fitnes fb post

Here’s where you can find énergie Fitness Dun Laoghaire:

8 York Rd, Dún Laoghaire

01 539 0770


Google Reviews Energie Fitness Dun Laoghaire

Google Reviews Energie Fitness Dun Laoghaire


Snow nail and beauty

Need your nails done? Why not treat them to a bit of TLC! We have first-class nail professionals in Dun Laoghaire. We had a great pleasure to talk to Snow, the owner of Snow Nail and Beauty salon that’s been in our town since 2015. Snow started her journey by renting a chair in one hair salon. But as her clientele grew she decided to open her own shop. She’s been in the current location for four years and she has her own team of beauticians.

Snow knows how important it is to have support from locals and a loyal customer base. She believes her customers like to come to the shop as her team is very friendly. They try their best to satisfy each customer, meet their needs, and provide a good service.

Snow has big plans for her shop as a way to show appreciation to the local community who was always supporting her business. The plan is to expand and redecorate the shop and make the place more relaxing. The new saloon format will be in a Japanese style, something that’s not common in Ireland.

Snow is proud and appreciative of the fact that she has so many regular clients so that’s why she wants not only to provide the service, but turn her salon into a good social place where friends and families can come together to do their treatments.

snow nail and beauty dun laoghaire

Snow Yan owner at Snow nail and beauty Dun Laoghaire

Snow Nail and Beauty advice for self care

Snow is quite positive about the future and she’d like for all of us to stay positive as well. The pandemic will slow down, but even if it doesn’t present a danger anymore and we are all vaccinated, for everyone’s safety, Snow recommends still wearing masks as extra protection. Equally salons like hers are always extra careful about the hygiene levels.

Snow is aware that life is not the same as before, and maybe we can’t have big parties, but even if you do a little thing like getting your nails done it can make you feel good and pretty. It’s the little things that can cheer us up.

How to schedule appointment at Snow Nail and Beauty

You can schedule an appointment at Snow nail and beauty by calling at 087 345 7879, or stopping by the shop on Convent Rd. You can also reach out over social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

Snow’s shop offers nails, eyebrow treading, and body waxing services.

snow nails fb post

Here’s where you can find Snow nail and beauty:

70 Convent Rd, Dún Laoghaire

087 345 7879


Google Reviews Snow Nail & Beauty

Google Reviews Snow Nail & Beauty


Beauty Time Salon

Another fantastic beauty salon, expert in skincare, is Beauty Time Salon on the Upper George’s Street.

Beauty Time Salon is a women-owned business whose co-owners Pamela and Elizabeth have almost 50 years of experience in skincare between themselves. Elisabeth was kind enough to share their story with us. Elisabeth attended beauty school where she learned about the physiology of the skin, health, and skincare. Beauty Time was founded eight years ago and it’s been working really well since then. The salon is small and Elisabeth and Pamela always wanted to keep it that way. They believed their goal would always be to provide a uniquely personal experience. There are three of them in the team, so their customers know exactly who will treat them when they come in. Her team makes sure to always look after and listen to their customers.

Elisabeth enjoys educating her clients about the skincare and making people feel good. This doesn’t just include our physical health and beauty, but emotional wellbeing as well. Beauty Time Salon provides a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Customers can chill out whether they are getting just their eyebrows done or do an hour-long facial, but the goal is to make everyone feel good so that they can leave the salon feeling uplifted and calmer.

beauty time salon dun laoghaire

Elisabeth Shaw, co-owner at Beauty Time Salon Dun Laoghaire

Beauty Time Salon advice for self care

The pandemic made the safety and comfort of the treatments Beauty Time’s priority. So it’s important that both the staff and customers do their part in keeping the beauty salons safe places for pampering. For example, Elisabeth herself is pregnant and she wants everyone to feel comfortable including herself.

Her salon took major steps in ensuring the highest levels of hygiene in the saloon. They reduced the amount of staff in the salon that works in the same shift. Also, the customers who are coming in and out don’t have to be with other people in the waiting area so they can feel safer. The salon also follows very strict rules in terms of sanitation.

All the effort paid off as they received very positive feedback from their customers telling them they feel very safe in the salon. It is obvious when you enter the salon that all the procedures for COVID-19 are in place.

This safe environment helps people to switch off their busy minds and not worry about the pandemic for a while.

How to schedule appointment at Beauty Time Salon

To schedule your appointment with Beauty Time Salon you can call at 01 2054000, visit their website and click on the booking link, or reach out over Instagram and Facebook.

Beauty Time Salon offers tanning, make-up, nails, eyes, facials, waxing services, and home facial kits.

beauty time fb post

Here’s where you can find Beauty Time Salon:

48 George’s Street Upper, Dún Laoghaire

01 2054000


Google Reviews Beauty Time Salon

Google Reviews Beauty Time Salon


Eden Hair Design

Never underestimate the positive effects of a great hairdo, new colour, or nicely blown hair. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or man, we all feel much more confident if our hair looks good. Even when the world around us is filled with uncertainty, having control over a little thing like a hairstyle can be empowering.

That’s why we included an excellent Dun Laoghaire hairstylist as a part of our self-care campaign. Meet Sandra, the owner of the Eden Hair Design salon. Almost eleven years ago, Sandra and her friend Jackie set up their business in Gladesville. After five years, they moved it to Dun Laoghaire. Unfortunately, Jackie had to retire in the meantime, but all in all, it’s been great fun and a journey for Sandra.

Sandra absolutely loves her work, in fact, she doesn’t see it as work at all. She loves hairdressing. She finds joy in doing people’s hair and putting smiles on their faces. For anyone who likes hairdressing, it’s a great career path. Her approach is professional and friendly at the same time. She strives to be approachable to the customers, especially loyal clientele who’s been with her for years. Sandra hopes Eden Hair Design is a nice place for her customers. It’s where people can relax, have a good chat, and find joy when coming in to the salon.

eden hair design dun laoghaire

Sandra Hennessy, owner at Eden Hair Design Dun Laoghaire

Eden Hair Design advice for self care

Sandra noticed that people have a new appreciation for hairdressers. Having good hair is a feel-good factor, it really makes a difference. There’s no quicker way to have yourself lifted up than going to a hair salon and having your hair done.

Everyone deserves a little treat and going to a hairstylist is a lovely thing you can do for yourself.

How to schedule appointment at Eden Hair Design

You can schedule your appointment at Eden Hair Design by calling at 01 230 3763, requesting a booking over their website, or reaching out over social media channels Facebook and Instagram.

When in their salon, you can enjoy cutting and styling, colour, blow dry bar, and spa and beauty services. Visit their website for full details and prices.

eden hair facebook post

Here’s where you can find Eden Hair Design:

96 Patrick St, Dún Laoghaire

01 230 3763


Google Reviews eden hair design

Google Reviews eden hair design


Jade Beauty Clinic

Would you like to get a massage from someone who knows the human body inside out? Then Jade Beauty Clinic is the place for you. We were absolutely delighted to talk to the owner Joshyana and find out more about what makes her services and salon special.

Joshyana opened Jade Beauty Clinic in 2014, however, she is in the beauty business and Dun Laoghaire far longer than that. Her beginnings were in Mauritius, where she is from, eighteen years ago. Working in the spas in Mauritius was a very important experience because it allowed her to get familiar with people with different ethnicity and types of bodies, how they are built, and how they should be treated to best relieve the stress.

This experience was a huge motivator for her to open her own business and care for people on her own terms, to expand and share her skills without restrictions, as each body is different and the treatment should be adjusted to what the body requires. Also, Joshyana is aware that each person carries mental health and emotional issues, so she is accounting for these in her treatment programs and each person gets a unique plan to fit their own needs.

Jade Beauty Clinic goes a step further in their treatments and they are building plans for their customer even when they finish with the treatment. Her team wants to make sure you are still getting a benefit of care from your own home. They are suggesting exercises, and give tips and advice. The same goes for skincare. Her team is providing samples of the products where they first build trust before their customers commit to buy products for skincare.

With the pandemic going on, the Jade Beauty team makes sure that their level of hygiene in the salon is high. They don’t double-dip for waxing. They clean the rooms and disinfect everything even wash the beds after each client. The floor and all their product tubs are sanitised before the next person. The rooms are ventilated for 30 mins at least before the next person goes into a room.

jade beauty clinic dun laoghaire

Joshyana Chiniah, owner at Jade Beauty Clinic

Jade Beauty Clinic advice for self care

Based on Joshyana’s experience touch plays a big role in our self-care and well-being. Especially in cultures like the Irish where people like to hug each other, touch means a lot. Touch makes connection strong. Being forced to disconnect and stay away from each other impacted people’s mental health. This is why she believes that when people get the treatment it’s not just about pampering themselves or luxury. It is more about what people can do for themselves emotionally.

We are spreading energy through touch, so Joshyana always tries to transfer positivity. It also helps that the customers are free to talk. While they are on treatment there are often things that are bugging them or they feel lonely. Touch and talk allow Joshyana to listen and reassure the client without judgment.

People also love a bit of attention even if it’s just small things like cutting their toenails. Joshyana is aware that many of our simple needs could not be met during the pandemic and this clearly affected our wellbeing.

How to schedule appointment at Jade Beauty Clinic

It’s possible to schedule an appointment over their website. You can also call at 086 026 2373 . If you’d like to connect with Jade Beauty Clinic on social media, you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

When in Jade Beauty Clinic you can enjoy massage, skin care, waxing, eye care, manicure & pedicure, makeup, hydra-facials, and so much more.

Jade beauty instagram post

Here’s where you can find Jade Beauty Clinic:

42 George’s Street Lower, Burnetts phamacy (above), Dun Laoghaire

086 026 2373


Google Reviews Jade Beauty Clinic

Google Reviews Jade Beauty Clinic


Excited to pamper yourself in our town?

The last year was hard and it looks like we won’t be back to a real normal any time soon, so taking good care of ourselves to endure what’s in front of us is important more than ever. You’ve heard our body and beauty experts. Investing time in self-care it’s not just about pampering and definitely not a luxury. It’s about trying to stay positive and doing a little something that puts back a smile on our face. We were inspired by all their stories, and we hope you’ve enjoyed them, too.

Thank you for supporting our Dun Laoghaire business community!

Please note that all participants in the above photos kindly met at their business location by appointment in a socially distanced manner and temporarily removed their face masks to pose for the photos for this feature.

For a list of all the retail outlets in our town please see our Dún Laoghaire Town business directory.

Would you like us to include your business in future Love Dún Laoghaire features?

We would be delighted to, please send an email to [email protected] with details of your location in Dún Laoghaire and we will be in touch. 

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