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Love Weekend Breaks? – See Why Dún Laoghaire Town is the Perfect Staycation For You!

05. 10. 2021

Buy Local & Support Local Businesses by spending a weekend in Dún Laoghaire

Do you need to go somewhere special just to give yourself a little break? Dún Laoghaire is the perfect location you were looking for. Our town is the perfect place to unwind and experience magical moments even if it is only for a couple of days. Sometimes that’s all you need. A quick getaway to escape from work and life to recharge your batteries and get ready to the go back to the daily grind. Why not visit and experience the adventures our town has to offer.

Whether you are coming to Dún Laoghaire to walk alongside our beautiful pier, enjoy spectacular views of the harbour, or discover our wonderful street art, we’d like you to know you will have the best places to stay, eat and drink on the east coast of Ireland in our town!

Dún Laoghaire has first-class accommodation and delicious dining options and we can’t wait to showcase these businesses to you. This month we are featuring hotels with long traditions and fascinating history, a shop nestled in a heart of The People’s Park, and some of our favourite restaurants.

Check them out below.


Royal Marine Hotel

If you are looking for comfortable accommodation with magnificent views and a fantastic atmosphere, then we warmly recommend the Royal Marine Hotel in the heart of our town. It is a 4-star luxury hotel and spa rich in history and a proud host to many influential people from politicians to celebrities over the years.

We had great pleasure in learning more about the hotel from their general manager Aidan Ryan. He shared with us that Royal Marine has been in Dún Laoghaire for a very long time and it’s been the centre of the town since 1863. However, even before that in 1828 a hotel known as Hayes Hotel on the site was purchased by William Dargan, a builder of the first Railway in Ireland. The new Royal Marine was built incorporating the old building in its new design. Kings and queens were hosted over time and Queen Victoria stayed in the hotel and enjoyed a spectacular 16-course breakfast.

The recent history of the hotel started in 2004 when it was purchased by the Neville Family from Co. Wexford. The hotel was completely renovated over the course of 3-4 years after the purchase to the amazing building it is now. The hotel opened again for business in June 2007. The new owners expanded the capacity of the hotel from 100 rooms to 228 rooms, added a beautiful spa and a health club. Even now that the hotel is fully renovated, the importance of history is evident everywhere you look – a beautiful grand foyer, the ceilings, wallpaper, the floorboards. The building is just full of history which makes the Royal Marine Hotel unique.

Generations of people have used the hotel to celebrate their most important moments in their lives, However, something that is very important to the team at the Royal Marine Hotel. They have had three generations of couples getting married in the hotel as the couple’s parents and grandparents married there. The interest and support of the local community were always important to the hotel through the decades.

royal marine hotel dun Laoghaire

Aidan Ryan, General Manager at Royal Marine

Royal Marine’s message to their customers

Royal Marine Hotel is open for business after the COVID 19 restrictions. They were lucky to have a very busy summer and they are looking forward to the business returning to normal. The hotel was and continues to be a vibrant place with people coming to our town for staycations. They have different profiles of customers from families, couples, mature couples, but also business people. Thankfully, the corporate business is coming back as well now that the restrictions lifted and people are back to communicating face to face.

Aidan’s message is that they are open for everyone including businesses as his team has the capability and place to cater to the needs of businesses to the highest standards.

The reservations team is fully back in place and they are taking bookings for all services including accommodation, social and gatherings, communions, confirmations, weddings, and wedding anniversaries. Family gatherings are starting to be held again and the Royal Marine team is happy if they can help to bring the families back together after the challenges of the pandemic.

How to Make Reservations

People can make reservations on Royal Marine’s website, or by calling the hotel directly at 012300030.

royal marine facebook post

Here’s where you can find Royal Marine Hotel:

Marine Rd, Dún Laoghaire A96 K063

(01) 230 0030


Google Reviews Royal Marine

Google Reviews Royal Marine


Haddington House

If you wish to stay in our town but prefer somewhere more quiet and warm, Haddington House is an excellent choice. Their manager Emma Louise Larkin shared the story of this historically important business for our town of Dún Laoghaire.

Haddington House is a hidden gem with incredible sea views, beautiful spaces, professional service and warm hospitality. Steeped in history, Haddington House was built in the mid 1800s and since 2015 the team has been working to return the house to its Victorian sensibility and aesthetic. It has the character and charm of an understated residence. They are making continuous improvements to the House to enhance its historic grace in the prominent position opposite the East Pier in Dún Laoghaire.

Haddington House is an independent hotel that conveys warm luxury and grace. The team’s sole focus is on providing a superb guest experience. They believe in having an independent spirit that allows the hotel to evolve and compete at the highest level. They have an unapologetically Victorian aesthetic and a love for good design. The hotel is ideal option for adults and families with older children.

Haddington House Dun Laoghaire

Fla Larkin, Owner at The Haddington House

Haddington House’s message to their customers

The hotel is a fantastic location to explore Dún Laoghaire and their House Stories magazine is filled with suggestions and local recommendations so guests have everything they need to get the most of their stay our town.

For local customers, they have a new Parlour space serving Afternoon Tea at weekends and a cocktail service each evening.

Oliveto restaurant is an elevated dining experience serving Italian food with the best of Irish seasonal produce. It is very much a neighbourhood restaurant. For guests who are still Covid-concerned, the restaurant has external seating and certification from Fáilte Ireland for Covid safety compliance.

How to Make Reservations

For room bookings, guests can book online:, by email: [email protected] or by calling +353 1 280 1810

For Oliveto reservations, guests can book online:, by email: [email protected] or by calling: +353 1 280 0011

For parlour reservations, guests can book online:, by email: [email protected], or just drop in.

Haddington House Facebook post

Here’s where you can find Haddington House:

9-12 Haddington Terrace, Dún Laoghaire A96 F2R9

(01) 280 0011


Google Reviews Haddington House

Google Reviews Haddington House


Fallon & Byrne – Cafe Deli

Surrounded by the beautiful nature of the famous People’s Park, Fallon & Byrne Cafe Deli is a perfect spot to stop by and take a bite, before you continue to explore our town. With the pandemic and safety concerns still in place, the business operates as a grocery store and takeaway cafe deli. We were delighted to learn more about the business from their manager Katie.

The shop is nestled in a beautiful pavilion that was built as a part of the park 100 hundred years ago and it kept its original purpose throughout that time. Fallon & Byrne has been running at this location for almost ten years. Pre COVID the business was providing a more formal dining experience with evening dining, event hosting and communion parties. Now, the business is more casual with a coffee shop style. Hopefully, with further easing of the restrictions the business would be able to offer dining services again.

The café has always been a popular  choice in the location and community. The business was always good as people love to come and enjoy the park atmosphere indeed there is always something interesting in the park. The Fallon & Byrne team pride themselves on knowing their customers, they have built special relationships with many over time. The team is friendly and “down to earth” as Katie likes to say. They like to remember everyone as much as they can and to learn people’s preferences. No request is too small and her team will go above and beyond to make everyone feels welcome.

Fallon & Byrne Dun Laoghaire

Katie Dowling, Manager at Fallon & Byrne

Fallon & Byrne’s message to their customers

The business is still open at the same location come rain or shine and the team are doing their best to offer a good service, smiles and friendly faces. They are here to help you have a nice time while visiting Dun Laoghaire by offering recommendations, tour guide advice like where to dine or stay.

How to Make Reservations

Fallon & Byrne shop in the People’s Park operates at first come – first served bases, but you can still go to their website to check out the dining options and book a table on other locations. The café has tables on the terrace and once your grab your tea or sandwiches, you are more than welcome to sit and enjoy them.

Fallon & Byrne Facebook Post

Here’s where you can find Fallon & Byrne:

The Peoples Park, Park Rd, Dún Laoghaire

(01) 230 3300


Google Reviews Fallon & Byrne

Google Reviews Fallon & Byrne


Delhi Rasoi – Indian Restaurant

Craving some lovely Indian food? Then head straight to this famous gourmet food location in Dún Laoghaire, the Delhi Rasoi restaurant serves fresh, home made, authentic Indian food. We loved talking to Gobind, their owner, to learning more about the restaurant.

Delhi Rasoi opened for business in Dún Laoghaire in 2016. Gobind has more than 20 years’ long experience in preparing Indian food. He was eager to open an authentic Indian restaurant in Ireland. Dún Laoghaire seemed like an excellent choice for the restaurant location because of many local tourist attractions and high traffic of people going through the town. From the very beginning our community recognised the quality food Delhi Rasoi makes and that kept the team motivated to serve only the best food. The business recently branched out to a new location in Sandyford Village.

Delhi Rasoi prides itself in friendly staff, a good service, and customer satisfaction. Even during the lockdowns our community was fantastic towards the business ordering takeaways thus helping keep them operational.

Delhi Rasoi Dun Laoghaire

Delhi Rasoi Team

Delhi Rasoi’s message to their customers

Delhi Rasoi is following the government guidelines related to dining. Their place is very safe and they are happy to welcome all customers.

Some of Delhi Rasoi’s “must try’s are Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Shashlik, Kerla Special Duck Curry, Lamb Rogan Josh, Goan Prawn Curry, and a new recipe Lamb Methi Malai. Mmm, mouth-watering.

How to Make Reservations

You can make reservations by calling on 01 230 0600, or over their website. Walk-ins are also always welcome.

delhi rasoi fb post

Here’s where you can find Delhi Rasoi:

7 Cumberland St, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin 

01 908 1531 / 32


Google Reviews Delhi Rasoi

Google Reviews Delhi Rasoi


Bistro Le Monde – Restaurant

Another fantastic culinary destination in our town is Bistro Le Monde. This restaurant serves delicious food from around the world. From Italian pizza, burgers, sea food, to salads and desserts, they have something for everyone’s taste buds. Their owner Lucien Marcel shared how his passion for food and cooking turned into a business that makes so many people happy.

Bistro Le Monde was opened in 2012 just before the Christmas. It’s been almost a decade and Lucien is very proud of it. Together with his team, he is keeping the standards of the service up and constantly improving things. The concept of the menu is international, with dishes from around the world. Exceptional customer services is something they are very proud of and something that equally contributes to the experience in their restaurant.

Lucien’s motivation as an owner, chief, and manager is to see people happy with full tummies and that way contribute to the community. In his words, often it can be quite simple, just make people happy and make it nice!

If you are visiting our town with kids, then Bistro Le Monde could be a great dining option as they serve many of the kids’ favourites – pasta, pizza, chips, sausages, chicken and fish goujons, and of course, sweet deserts.

Bistro El Monde Dun Laoghaire

Lucien Marcel, Owner at Bistro Le Monde

Bistro Le Monde’s message to their customers

Lucien would like to say a massive thanks to the local community who was very supportive during very difficult times ordering food from the restaurant and keeping them in business.

Even now there are not too many foreigners around and the business is still relying on the local community. The restaurant is open for in-door dining respecting all government guidelines.

How to Make Reservations

There are a few options to make reservations at Bistro Le Monde. You can call at 01 551 2656, send an email at [email protected], or book a table over Open Table app. Walk-ins are also welcome.

bistro le monde fb post

Here’s where you can find Bistro Le Monde:

Harbour Square, Crofton Rd, Dún Laoghaire

(01) 551 2656


Google Reviews Bistro Le Monde

Google Reviews Bistro Le Monde


Casper & Giumbini’s – Restaurant

For everyone looking for Irish food in our town, we can proudly say that Casper & Giumbini’s is the restaurant for you. Their food and service are absolutely amazing and will always have you wanting to come back for more. They serve fresh Irish seafood, chargrilled steaks, and trademark hamburgers. They also offer a great range of beers, cocktails, and wines.

We were delighted to speak to Kim, a co-owner of the restaurant, and find out more. Kim and her brother opened their first restaurant DeVille’s in 2012 in Dalkey. The business was doing well and expanding so they were looking for another location to branch out and Dun Laoghaire seemed like an excellent choice. They opened Casper & Giumbini’s in September 2019. The name originated from the family’s grandmother and great grandmother’s last names. The family has a long tradition in the industry as they started the first restaurant in the early ’80s on Wicklow Street. Kim’s dad and uncle were the first owners.

Food is in their blood, their main motivation is to do something they love while providing for their families. You’d be able to see Kim and her brother among the staff as they like to be hands-on and involved in everyday business operations. They want to know the people they are working with and while doing so, they found that their best staff was actually the one Kim and her brother knew and worked directly with. Kim is also making sure that both customers and staff are happy with the food and service.

Casper & Giumbini's Dún Laoghaire

Kim O’Driscoll, Owner at Casper & Giumbini’s

Casper & Giumbini’s message to their customers

Support from the community is what kept Casper’s going. The restaurant was opened only six months before the pandemic started. But there was a silver lining in the whole situation, as many people who were not aware that the restaurant was opened in Dun Laoghaire, discovered it while walking. This helped Casper to gain many new customers when they reopened for dining. And now, as Kim said, they are flying. It’s been a brilliant time for their team. They are lucky to be able to stay open for lunches and dinners seven days a week in our town.

Kim is grateful to the community who supported the business by ordering take-aways while dining in the restaurant wasn’t possible.

How to Make Reservations

If you want to dine in Casper & Giumbini’s, you can make your booking over their website, send an email at [email protected], call at 01 4432699, or just pop-in.

Here’s where you can find Casper & Giumbini’s:

Unit 8 The Pavilion, Marine Rd, Dún Laoghaire

(01) 443 2699


Casper & Giumbini's

Casper & Giumbini’s


Have you started packing yet?

Treat yourself and come to Dún Laoghaire. Break your routine, stay for a weekend. Experience our beautiful town and create memories that will stay with you for a long time. They’ll motivate you to keep going even when you don’t feel like it. We’ve got you.

Thank you for supporting our Dun Laoghaire business community!

Please note that all participants in the above photos kindly met at their business location by appointment in a socially distanced manner and temporarily removed their face masks to pose for the photos for this feature.

For a list of all the retail outlets in our town please see our Dún Laoghaire Town business directory.

Would you like us to include your business in future Love Dún Laoghaire features?

We would be delighted to, please send an email to [email protected] with details of your location in Dún Laoghaire and we will be in touch. 

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