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Nando’s New Menu Launch

17. 05. 2016

Say Hello To The Newcomers On Nando’s Menu

Nando is happy to announce that they have added some tasty and fantastic new products onto their menu starting today 17th of May.
So you know you have to try them!

Fino Platter – Perfect for sharing

This dish was inspired by our South African friends’ love of BBQ (known to them as ‘Braai’). It’s something they’re big on doing as often as possible, together with loads of family and friends. So we fired up those grills, you need to get everyone over to share in a feast.

Supergrain Side – A brand new superstar
The grains in our mix are wheatberry, freekah, red quinoa and black barley
mixed with edemame beans, cannellini beans, chargrilled bean halves, kale
shred and spring onion. Seasoned and dressed in a light lemon and oregano
dressing. Mmmmm…

Supergrain Salad – A complete meal
Research tell us that complex carbohydrates like grains and pulses are in.
And we wanted to add some more choice onto our menu – after all, different grains offer different benefits. Add on some PERi-PERi chicken and your meal is complete.

Brownies – Why have one, when you can have two?
We’ve been looking for the perfect partner to accompany our Natas on the counter. Ta-dah! There’s PERi-PERi and a Salted Caramel version. We reckon they’re such a treat – it’s easier to take one of each rather than waste time making up your mind.

Vihno Spritzers – All the sparkle
These delicious new drinks look and taste fantastic! And there is 3 choices to go for: White, Rose and Red. You have to taste them all. Bring on those long summer evenings…

We’re placed on Marine Road, so come down and enjoy! We’re open from 12PM.

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