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Yours Personally Bespoke Interiors launches charity fundraiser for ARC

15. 05. 2020

During this lockdown Yours Personally decided to make the best of their skills and have partnered with ARC Cancer Support Services who are like many charities during COVID -19 looking for ways to raise funds.  Their services are needed more now than ever as potential clients cannot seek support from traditional avenues.

Kathtrina Furlong MD of Yours Personally has chosen this charity because she is a cancer survivor herself and has come though kidney cancer and a few other scares but all is good now thankfully.

So while lockdown is still in place for most of us Yours Personally will be running Virtual Interior Design Consultations from 18-22 May.

They will be offering a 1 hour Interior Design virtual consultation for €100 (normally €250).

This €100 fee will be paid directly to Arc Cancer Support.

This is where they would love your HELP.  Because this has all come about at the last minute they have had limited time to promote it. They would be extremely grateful if could promote this in any way possible.

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Why ARC is so important?

The impact of a cancer diagnosis has a devastating effect on the cancer patient and those who care for them. The services we provide are holistic and complement primary medical treatment thereby playing a vital role in improving the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of cancer patients and their loved ones.

These services include professionally-led group classes in mindfulness and relaxation and individual counselling sessions. The opportunity to exchange information about their cancer with professionals and with fellow patients helps to relieve stress and anxiety which are common symptoms of cancer. It can also enhance self-esteem which leads to a good quality of life.

Fortunately, more people now survive a diagnosis of cancer, and continue to engage fully with their daily life as before. ARC works to bring comfort and support to those who are on that journey, and also offers programs to enable the individual resume their role in life as they choose to live it, in light of any changes the experience may have brought.

To find out more please contact ARC Cancer Support Centres on 01 215 02 15 to speak to a trained member of the team.

ARC Link: