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Featured Business: Bespoke Sofa 2

19. 05. 2017

Featured Business: Bespoke Sofa 2

Bespoke Sofa 1
Owner Jerry Wilson started Bespoke Sofa Company “with one little two-seater I bought for buttons nearly 30 years ago.”

Now, the custom sofa business boasts a manufacturer in Navan, a showroom in Drogheda, and two additional showrooms in Dún Laoghaire. He opened the first showroom–Bespoke Sofa 1–two years ago, and opened doors to his latest Dún Laoghaire showroom seven months ago.

Bespoke Sofa 2
“Local Irish guy starts small business. It’s been a journey. You got to believe in what you’re doing,” Jerry says. Local is an important aspect to the Bespoke Sofa Company name. Jerry is proud to offer products that are Irish–locally designed and manufactured.

Bespoke Sofa caters to client needs. Customers are invited to work with Bespoke Sofa Company every step of the way–from sending in photos to picking fabrics to deciding on measurements. From there, the design is sent off to Bespoke’s manufacturer in Navan. A quick 14 days later, the new sofa is delivered to the customer’s home. “It’s an Irish, locally made piece of furniture at mainstream prices,” Jerry explains.

Bespoke Sofa 3
Recently, Bespoke Sofa Company has begun to offer re-upholserty to clients looking to give a new look to used pieces of furniture.

Locating in Dún Laoghaire came down to the town’s reputation as an area known for interiors. Jerry and the Bespoke Sofa team felt they “had something to offer this design hub. We could add a unique take on this area.”

As for further expansion, Jerry is happy with the two Dún Laoghaire showrooms. “We have a lot of confidence in this area. We’re focusing our efforts here.”


Address: Unit #1 The Lighthouse, Lower George’s Street, Dún Laoghaire

Phone: (01) 663 6364