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Featured Business: Jim’s Barber Shop

19. 07. 2017

Jim's Barber Shop - Outside Store Front

Featured Business: Jim’s Barber Shop


We are happy to congratulate Jim’s Barber shop as they celebrate 50 years in business. If you walk up a bit on Patricks St you will come across Jim’s Barber Shop. Upon walking in you will find Jim standing there ready to greet you with a smile. This small shop has no more than two chairs,  some scissors, electric razors, and photos of various hairstyles hanging on the wall.


Jim got his start in the barber shop business when he answered an ad in the local Dun Laoghaire newspaper for an apprenticeship cutting hair. A few years later in 1967, he opened his own shop in Dun Laoghaire and has been in the same spot ever since.


Over his years, Jim says he has cut 1,000’s of people’s hair and has seen every hair trend come and go, everything from the Mohawk to the newly popular Irish fade. He remembers when he would get requests to shave various logos into the sides of peoples hairstyles: everything from the Nike swoosh to a lightning bolt. Jim also mentioned that he used to cut women’s short hairstyles but has since stopped.  Today he offers a men’s basic dry cut for €10 or a shampoo, cut and dry for €15.   

Jim in his shop

Throughout his years Jim has mentored several barbers who have since opened their own shops in the city. Up until 2011, Jim had other people working for him but now it’s just him. Nowadays Jim says he caters to a mainly middle aged crowd and occasionally gets a few younger people. To get your haircut by Jim all you have to do is walk-in, no appointment needed.


Jim says he could retire but he still loves cutting hair and now it’s just a hobby for him. Congratulations to Jim we are so happy to wish him 50 years in business.


Address: 103 Patrick St

Phone: (01) 280 9267