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The Rainbow Run 2017

17. 07. 2017

Ireland’s BIGGEST and first colour run is happening this September in Dún Laoghaire. It is a  unique run involving participants of all abilities and ages coloured head to toe in powder paint while they run, jog or walk. 

The Rainbow Run returns to Dun Laoghaire’s West Pier on 16th September! It is said to be the biggest fun run in Ireland, with major success last year there is no doubt this year will be bigger, better and more colourful!

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To all people attending this event, they ask everybody to try to start the race dressed in as much white as possible (although not essential). Throughout the run, you will be bombarded with different colours until you cross the finish line, covered in a kaleidoscope of pinks, blues, greens, yellows, purples, reds and every mixture of colours you can think of!

Important information: The powder that they use is a non-toxic and natural corn-starch based product that will not cause damage to anybody.

Rainbow Run Dun Laoghaire

The Rainbow Run is entirely focused on FUN! It is not competitive, no recorded times and no age restrictions, all that matters is that you enjoy yourself and finish covered in loads of colour! It’s a super fun event and the real winner on the day is the person who has the most fun!

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Check out Rainbow Run’s rad video, you will not want to miss this super fun colourful run!!