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Reverve Energy – Removing tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon – and all from their base in Dún Laoghaire!

23. 10. 2021

Philip Doyle

We regularly discuss the topic of creating and sustaining businesses and enterprises in our Dún Laoghaire ecosystem. What is also important is how a business can operate sustainably and making sure their energy consumption is managed and they consume only what they absolutely need to.

With energy consumption becoming a national talking point and issue, one Dún Laoghaire company is determined to reduce overall consumption by helping its customers become more smart when it comes to their usage, which in turn leads to financial savings and them becoming more sustainable.

For this month’s Why Dún Laoghaire edition, we spoke to Managing Director of Reverve Energy Philip Doyle about why they chose our town to base their headquarters from, and just what exactly they’re doing to help businesses in Dún Laoghaire and nationally become sustainable.

“We advise large energy users, businesses and utilities on the best way to manage their energy”

In his own words, Doyle describes Reverve Energy as a “specialist energy management company”. He continues: “We advise large energy users, businesses and utilities on the best way to manage their energy.

“We bring a cloud platform and other expertise to manage and see their energy, which gives them insights and the ability to reduce their usage going forward.

“We do that because of an interest in sustainability, our net zero carbon target. We’ve already helped companies removes tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.”

Established in 2013, the company provides nearly 200,000 smart energy devices to their 2,000-strong customer base which is lowering consumption levels and decreasing energy bills.

While Reverve has a Dún Laoghaire customer base, they are a nationwide enterprise and have clients all around the country.

Reverve Energy’s extensive knowledge and history is a great edition to our town

So, what makes Reverve Energy stand out from others? Philip tells us: “We have unique knowledge. Our founders have long extensive history in the energy market. That’s a depth of expertise that isn’t so common. We understand all aspects of energy usage from generations, from trading to selling.

“We use that knowledge to help customers understand what energy they’re using, but also to know what next steps to take, such as where to go for the best energy prices and what the best technologies are for reducing energy consumption.”

Why Dún Laoghaire? “We wanted to be in a place where our staff would like to be and would want to be”

Why exactly did Reverve Energy choose our town to base their headquarters? Doyle tells us a number of factors attracted them to the great location – and why it is a great place for other enterprises to call home!

He explains: “We love being by the town and near the sea and it gave us a chance to give up our cars and get off the roads.

“As we were conscious that the company would grow, we wanted to be in a place where our staff would like to be and would want to be. Dún Laoghaire is a very vibrant town with a lot of great people and interesting businesses.

“As the country continues to open up we can see the town centre, the pier and the People’s Park become more active again and this is bringing more interesting businesses to the town which is great to see.”

Philip said the amenities that Dún Laoghaire offers, but also the great social opportunities it provides is what makes it “a great place to work”.

He adds: “The people who work with us love It, they really like and appreciate the area. It’s easy to get to, it is served by train and bus links which means we’re easy to get to.

“We’re literally 15 minutes from the city, which is fantastic, so if we do need to go into the city, we can do so very easily.”

There’s also a personal connection to area for Philip, as he and his family call Dún Laoghaire home. “We love the location, we love being by the sea. The town and its amenities are just very, very appealing.”

Reverve Energy is looking to help more businesses in our town become energy sustainable

Looking ahead to the future, Reverve Energy plans to expand the range of services that they offer to Irish companies, all while from their Dún Laoghaire base. Doyle tells us that they also have the European market in their sights as well.

“We already manage large amounts of energy and we can use the insights we have from this to help more companies gain insights into their consumption and reduce their energy consumption.”

Philip says he would like to work with more local companies going forward, telling us now is the best time as energy prices continue to rise with the threat of blackouts occurring over the next five years if we don’t start to get a grasp of the crisis we face.

“This is an immediate thing that we can deliver value for money for people and businesses in the area in the short term.

“We will be talking to our fellow businesses in the town.”