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Why Dun Laoghaire is the Next Palo Alto | Why Dun Laoghaire is Great for Business

02. 03. 2021

Chad Gilmer, CEO iPLANiT

When Dubliners think of Dun Laoghaire, they think of a short trip on the DART to walk the pier with an obligatory 99 from Teddy’s in each hand. Dun Laoghaire’s incomparable seafront is our pride and joy, and it’s turning day-trippers into locals and tempting some of Ireland’s top creatives and entrepreneurs into putting down roots in town.

One of these newcomers is Chad Gilmer, who is Managing Director of iPLANiT and The Glasshouses, an active member of the local business community, and a fixture of the local swimming scene. Gilmer sees an opportunity to harness the energy and creativity of the town and its residents and achieve something remarkable.

“My vision for Dun Laoghaire is that its amenities become more and more enhanced and the town becomes more and more desirable. I’d like to see Dun Laoghaire become to Dublin what Palo Alto is to San Francisco.”

iPLANiT and Creative Design in the Heart of Dun Laoghaire Town

iPLANiT is one of Ireland’s premier web and digital agencies. The full-service agency team helps clients shape their digital brand identity, from website development right down through social media and content.

“We’re passionate about design and look and feel. And our websites are easy to maintain and structured very well on the back end. I don’t see iPLANiT as a web development company, but rather that we drive revenue into our client’s businesses via their websites,” Gilmer said.

Founded in 2000, iPLANiT moved to Dun Laoghaire in 2016, after moving office from Sandyford to the heart of Dublin City and back again. Gilmer had also built a house in Monkstown the year before, making the full-time transition to South Dublin a natural one.

The move to Dun Laoghaire also coincided with Gilmer’s other business, The Glasshouses, which not only houses iPLANiT but a whole host of like-minded businesses, who value creativity, innovation, and a work-life balance that’s unique to Dun Laoghaire.

Living and Working in Dun Laoghaire’s Ideal Location

Dun Laoghaire’s seafront location has historically been one of the town’s main draws. It tempts tourists and Dubliners alike on a sunny day, and even on days where sun is not guaranteed but possible.

For those who live and work in town, the same attractions apply, but they’re felt more deeply.

Gilmer is the perfect Dun Laoghaire evangelist because he doesn’t just see the appeal. He lives it. As Gilmer says, “On a Friday morning, I can get up, go for a swim in the sea, go for a coffee afterward, and easily be in the office by nine o’clock or maybe half nine.”

Bringing his business here was an obvious choice. With a love of the local architecture and the quality of life, The Glasshouses just so happen to be in an ideal location.  It didn’t take long for Glasshouse 1 to fill up and bubble over with demand for Glasshouse 2, which Gilmer opened in 2019. Of his serviced offices, Gilmer says, “There’s plenty of parking, great restaurants. It has everything. We put in showers on each floor so you can go for a cycle or a swim in the sea during your work day. It’s also only 18 minutes into the city centre off-peak.”